From when on do marks enjoy protection?
The trademark protection begins with its registration in the trademark register as from the date of its filing retroactively. Upon registration you may claim priority for your own trademark and proceed against trademark applications which where filed after the deposit of your own mark.

How long will the period of the trademark protection last?
The period of protection is ten years from the deposit of the trademark. This period may be prolonged every ten years for another ten years.

What are the reasons for a termination of the trademark protection?
The mark may be deregistered upon request of the trademark owner or be declared null and void by the competent court. A mark owner may also oppose against the later registration of a similar or identical mark in order to try to cause the cancellation of the disputed mark.



Logos: Pure figurative marks use the power of visualization. They count - think of the famous "Nestlé Bird's Nest" - the oldest trademark.