Where and how does a trademark application need to be filed?
In order to register a trademark, an application, the mark itself and a list of the represented goods and services must be submitted to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. The application may be filed either by using the official form or by e-mail over the internet (e-trademark).

What are the official fees for the trademark application?
The fees depend on the number of classes of goods and services claimed for and lie between CHF 350 (basic fee including three classes) and CHF 5'000 (including all 45 classes).

How long does the registration procedure take?
At present the period of a trademark registration is at an average between 3 and 6 months. Against payment of an additional fee of CHF 400 the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property executes an accelerated procedure.



Logos: Pure figurative marks use the power of visualization. They count - think of the famous "Nestlé Bird's Nest" - the oldest trademark.